Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Cup Cakes ATM, So fun!!

Based on the information I could on di I am amazed with the innovations made by Sprinkles is one notable cake shop Beverly hills on Santa Monica Boulevard. usually comes out of atm machines is the money but this machine can take out cup cakes, It’s amazing, right? Reportedly this is my favorite cake shop people there. Cup cakes that are out of this machine was fresh from the oven.
The idea of making ATM cup cakes from the pastry shop owner Candace Nelson is based on the article I read, this ATM can accommodate 600 cupcakes and like an ATM for cash, ATM cupcakes also operate for 24 hours. Visitors prefer to buy via ATM machine compared to his shop. Visitors who want to buy the cup cakes via ATM machine using ATM card just in case ATM. cup cakes are also on Indonesia, hmmmm certainly many who would like to try it out. I hope the sons of the people in any nation is inspired by ATM cupcakes so that could make new innovations that can bring the nation name internationally.For those who want to get more complete information can visit the link listed above. Thank You ^_^

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It’s about “Odong-odong” (Softskill English Business 2)

Odong-odong actually comes from the word “Andong” which means carriage made of wood, but modified to be more attractive is no longer made of wood, in keeping with the times odong-odong is now not only made of wood but of children's toys such as motor cars and toys toys made of plastic or other synthetic materials. In order to make children more interested, odong-odong using children's songs that are played through a tape recorder. According to some articles I have ever read, originally a business odong-odong is considered one eye by the society, but who would have thought it turned out exactly like children with this. In my home region, odong-odong operate every afternoon, during a children's play hours.
Neighbors in front of my house any subscriptions odong-odong every day, because her son would not eat if not using odong-odong. Children's songs that are played on the tape I think good for recorder, adds to the knowledge of children's songs given the current song you are developing is adult songs sad enough, if my heart sings children's hearing adults who haven't the time performed by them. Of the form as well as the benefits that exist I think deserves to be preserved Odong-odong, because only there Odong-odong in Indonesia. ^_^

Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Book recommendation : “ Berjalan Menembus batas”

For those of you who are currently beset by fear, a crisis of confidence and other limitations which prevents you to reach for a dream, don't let it become a barrier. I am a person who is easy to despair and always complaining. I always fear-ridden to thinking ahead, I am easy to despair and afraid to try something new, but after I read this book, many of the stories that became my inspiration to not give up, in the book there is a quote from the Arab adage “ Man jadda wajada” who meant it would have succeeded. I was the first child of four brothers, I am always excited and is claimed to be responsible for what I do, because I will be an example to my younger brother 4. Sometimes the economic problems afflicting our family, for it to me as the eldest son should embody the wishes of both parents in reaching goals, but it is not as easy as that.
After reading this book I am sure any problems lurking in the reach for a dream can certainly overcome by conscientious and sincere prayer, and always patient. Many of the stories are more pathetic as outlined, but the figures outlined this accomplishes their dreams in a different way but the staying in Bali which is good. They should be made an example of wishful thinking they achieved good material or physical Limitations may make someone become hopeless, but this book proves that the theory is not true. This book could be one alternative to get us excited about reaching for a dream. So, we must keep spirit!!^_^

The Yummy Fruit Coktail

The Ingredients :
-          1 pineapple  cut into small pieces
-          250 grams of kolang-kaling cut into small square
-          1 papaya stalks cut into small squares and marinated with lime water approximately one hour
-          1 pumpkin cut into small square
-          1 package of jelly
-          750 cc of water
-          150 gram sugar
-          Essence

 For the siroup :
-          1 liter of water
-          500 gram sugar
-          ½  teaspoons lemon acid
-          ½ teaspoon vanila.
How to make :
Stew kolang-kaling and pineapple into the gravy has been made until cooked, then enter the papaya that has been washed and drained and a pumpkin that has been boiled briefly in sugar water and lemon acid. Jelly is already frozen cut and mix with other ingredients which have been prepared in advance, more nikmatat presented in a State of cold. Drinks like this can be a reference for a relaxing drink with friends taupun out.
You can try at home, this is the drink with fresh material that is easily obtained. Let’s try it!

Jokowi is My Inspiration..(Softskill English Business 2)

Various news about Jokowi I've ever heard made me want to be like him, because of his kindness and his humble nature. At this time he was named as a candidate for the Governor of Jakarta, in my opinion he deserves to be the Governor of DKI Jakarta because I believe in the hands of his issues existed in DKI Jakarta could be resolved.
He is currently serving as the Mayor of Solo is very concerned to the community, he was also a successful entrepreneur in the field of furniture. Everyone certainly never known cars called ESEMKA, he is the one who strongly support as well as the first to use a car made in this country. Because I would love to be like him, as when I was in the bookstore and in the store there is a book with “ Jokowi Pemimpin Rakyat Berjiwa Rocker” written by Yon Thayrun. Finally,  I bought that book.
Passing the book I know Jokowi personality, everybody know Jokowi was crowned as the best Mayor se-Asia. The attitude and the nature we should make it a role model Jokowi, one of them in terms of share to the people who need help. But he has never been the slightest reveal and show kindness to others through the media as the leader he never treats himself as one who should be viewed, all policies that he did was for the good of the people who is not just a theory but a fact and he was made manifest in accordance with his promise. It is not easy to find someone like him this time, even though he had what was supposed to be proud of, but he remained humble yourself and always conveniently to goodness. That is why the Jokowi as an inspiration to me.